How to Make a Relationship Work

Dating is the best tool for a man or woman to narrow down eligible persons to only a single individual for a working relationship with that only partner to make it last. Men date lots of women. If his intention is for a stable relationship, how does he know when the right one comes along?

Here are five guidelines:

From the start, your relationship runs smoothly.

Your family and friends like her and the feeling is mutual.

You like her totally as a person, nothing needs improvement.

She is also your buddy and best friend.

You have so second thoughts spending the rest of your life with her.

Be selective about Matches

When looking for a partner, you need to be selective about the profiles you scan through. Pick out the people who signal they are interested in the same things you are interested in. when you make contact, be sure to talk about the things the other person mentioned in their profile.

Ways to make it work

No perfect relationship exists: There will always be something to argue about. Do not spoil a good partnership with problems. Trust and be committed with each other and solve problems before it becomes serious.

You need to show your partner how much you love her: Do not be embarrassed to show affection with your partner in front of others. Be proud of her and be there for each other through thick or thin.

Each person needs space to grow and settle personal issues: Do not suffocate her like a shadow constantly before (not after) her. Stop stalking and snooping at her Facebook or mobile and asking friends for information about her whereabouts.

Play and find joy together: Develop mutual interests for things other than your love for each other. In the beginning, your passion is enough but once your relationship matures, it's important to have other pursuits and social life.

Learn to find things that make you happy: Don't expect your partner to bring you happiness. Develop your own hobbies and share with him your accomplishments. You should learn to be happy on your own.

Show appreciation and support for your mate: Even if you know that your partner is mature; never take y him for granted. Develop your hobbies, send messages in your FB and be addicted to a TV series, but spent quality time to catch up on each other's activities.

Create a romantic world: Spice it up with surprises, thrilling dates and learn more skills in love-making. With exciting moments in your bedroom, he will never look for another one.

Show that you are honest and trustworthy in your relationship: Although the truth hurts, it is the only option to preserve trust and integrity for each other. If you are wrong, admit it and if you commit a mistake, learn to apologize. Your partner will appreciate your gestures and he will do the same. Without honesty and trust, relationships will crumble.

It is easy to fall in love, once you've found someone and start a relationship; however, can you make the relationship last? As in any relationship, it's up to the persons to work on it or not. They should convey love, respect and trust for each other while the relationship lasts. But if both will follow has the points stated in here, it's time to congratulate them for finding the way towards a committed relationship.


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